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In 1984, Frank Buunk became a certified fine art valuer specialising in 17th-20th century paintings. He was 27 at the time, making him the youngest art expert in the Netherlands. Frank Buunk is also a board member of Museum-BC Koekkoek Haus. He recently became a member of the advisory board of the Noord-Veluws Museum and regularly collaborates with the Villa Mondriaan Museum in Winterswijk. He is an auctioneer and board member at GlobeGuards, a non-profit federation of Dutch organizations that focus on nature conservation around the world.

Value definitions

Simonis & Buunk uses two value definitions for appraisals: Market value (for sale, division of estate, succession, etc.) and replacement value (for insurance). For an explanation of the value definitions we use, see the explanation of the Federation TMV.

Market value

Under economic value in the context of income tax, inheritance and gift taxes, mutual distribution, sale to/purchase from third parties, division of estate and business takeover, is understood the amount that, when offered for sale in the manner most suitable for the case, is the best preparation, would have been spent by the highest bidder or received by the seller.

Replacement value for insurance

Replacement value means the amount required to obtain items comparable in terms of type, quality, condition and age. Principle: the replacement object is purchased on the appropriate market within the shortest possible time.

Artikel 7:960 BW for valuation dictates [roughly translated: “De verzekerde zal krachtens de verzekering geen vergoeding ontvangen waardoor hij in een duidelijk voordeliger positie zou geraken. De vorige zin mist toepassing bij voorafgaande taxatie van de waarde van een zaak tot stand gekomen krachtens een aan een deskundige opgedragen beslissing of krachtens een beslissing van partijen overeenkomstig het advies van een deskundige.”


For valuations please fill in the form with your details. A valuation is initially carried out from photos, after which you may be invited to visit Simonis & Buunk with your work of art. A valuation can take up to six weeks in busy periods, but we aim to do this faster.

(Photos can be taken and uploaded directly from a Smartphone.)

With a valuation you request a formal opinion, recorded in a document or certificate, for insurance, sale to a third party, for inheritance tax or estate division. View the rates here. Ask your insurer if you need an official report, or if you can provide the value yourself after a verbal appraisal.

No purchase advice

Valuation services are not intended as purchase advice or mediation. Due to our active participation in the market, we do not always make a value judgment because the interests of buying new works of art outweigh third party appraisals. If you request a valuation for a work that is publicly for sale, we reserve all rights in connection with any conflicts of interest, because the valuation service is subordinate to purchasing for our collection.

Photo advice

Valuations are initially made on the basis of photos. Photos taken with a modern smartphone usually suffice. Take sharp photos of the following from a right angle and using natural light:

Terms and Conditions

See this link (in Dutch only) for the Terms and Conditions that apply for valuations. By requesting a valuation you declare to have understood and agree with the content herein.