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In 1984, Frank Buunk became a certified fine art valuer specialising in 17th-20th century paintings. He was 27 at the time, making him the youngest art expert in the Netherlands. He is recognised as such by Federatie TMV, the Dutch federation of certified appraisers, brokers and auctioneers in movable assets, and is internationally certified by Hobéon SKO. In 2015, his son Kas began studying to become a valuer, too. Simonis & Buunk offers the best in expertise, professional knowledge and professionalism. The code of ethics is paramount, which means you will feel secure and confident about the value and authenticity of your work of art.


For both verbal and written valuations, please fill in the service request form. In most cases, a verbal valuation can be made on the basis of photos. For a written valuation, you may be invited to visit Simonis & Buunk with your work of art. We can also come to your home for an additional fee.

(Photos can be taken and uploaded directly from a Smartphone.)


If you are simply curious about the value or authenticity of your artwork, choose the verbal valuation. The result will be communicated to you by phone, and will not be confirmed subsequently by email.


A written valuation is appropriate if you wish to have an official opinion. You will receive a certificate that can be shown to third parties, for example for the sake of insurance, sale to a third party, inheritance or division of an estate.


In addition to good quality photos, we also kindly request the following information:

Photo advice

Valuations are initially made on the basis of photos. Photos taken with a modern smartphone usually suffice. Take sharp photos of the following from a right angle and using natural light:

Terms and Conditions

See this link (in Dutch only) for the Terms and Conditions that apply for both verbal and written valuations. By requesting a valuation you declare to have understood and agree with the content herein.