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All amounts include VAT. In some cases, further investigation into authenticity will be required and additional costs will be incurred. If so, we will contact you with a quote.

For a valuation, the fee consists of a flat fee of € 225 plus a variable component per quotation, that is agreed in advance with the client. The flat fee for every subsequent work listed in the same report is lowered to € 100. A written valuation is processed after the amount has been received in the following bank account:


Many insurance companies require paintings to be revalued every three to four years. If we conducted a written valuation on your behalf less than 5 years ago, you will receive a 50% discount on a revaluation.


For a written valuation for two paintings with respective insurance values of € 5,000 and € 35,000, a flat fee of € 225 + € 100 = € 325 plus a potential quotation.

Further research

If further investigation of the authenticity is needed, the valuation costs may be higher. In that case we will first contact you with a quotation.


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