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To restore is to honour

Paintings are made of natural materials. Light, moisture, dirt and heat can cause these to age. Damage and amateurish restorations can also affect the original state. Whatever the cause, in many cases it is valuable to have your artwork restored. Go ahead and request a free restoration quotation and recommendation from Simonis & Buunk’s restoration studio.


We advise our clients to have their painting re-inspected every 20 years, especially if people have smoked or fires have been kept in the same room where the painting is hanging. Take care not to hang the painting near a source of heat, for example above or close to a hot radiator. Prolonged exposure to the heat of direct sunlight is bad for a painting, too. It is best to maintain a temperature between 16-25 degrees Celsius, and humidity of 50-70%. Both painting and frame can be kept dust-free using a soft feather duster. A moist cloth should never be used, because it will damage the patina.


Requirements for conservation and restoration