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Five Day Sale

In the picture: these 175 paintings. For sale on this webpage for attractive prices. Only five days: from Tuesday 23 May to Saturday 27 May 2023. With paintings in all styles, colors and prices, sorted in 5 price ranges.

So enjoy this online exhibition. Choose the artwork you want. Does it appeal? Does it fit in your house, is it within your budget? Simply click on the buy button and we will deliver it soon. Of course, the works are also available for viewing in Ede upon request. 





Time for beauty, time for a painting. From Dutch Romanticism to French Impressionists, German Expressionists to Dutch abstracts. Welcome to Simonis & Buunk in Ede!

We have three galleries full of paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries. Time to pick your heart up. Art gives color to your life. Every day, close by, < 1.5 m, or far, > 1.5 m. At the distance you determine, as long as you want.

Are you coming to see?
Wander through beauty in peace. An oasis of art in the three spacious buildings – more than 1,000 m² – and sculpture garden by Simonis & Buunk.

We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm: +31 318 652 888 or


in the spotlight

Anton Koster | Arbeider aan het werk in tulpenveld, Overveen, olieverf op doek, 52,4 x 75,6 cm, gesigneerd l.o.

Anton Koster

painting • for sale

Arbeider aan het werk in tulpenveld, Overveen

Wilhelm Christiaan Constant Bleckmann | Bollenveld, olieverf op papier op doek op board, 49,9 x 86,6 cm, gesigneerd r.o.

Wilhelm Christiaan Constant Bleckmann

painting • previously for sale


Ben Viegers | Bloeiende bollenvelden, olieverf op doek, 40,6 x 50,6 cm, gesigneerd l.o.

Ben Viegers

painting • previously for sale

Bloeiende bollenvelden

George Hitchcock | Double White Tulips, Egmond aan den Hoef, olieverf op doek, 55,7 x 43,8 cm, gesigneerd l.o.

George Hitchcock

painting • for sale

Double White Tulips, Egmond aan den Hoef

Simonis & Buunk Fine Paintings is a family business established in 1927 with three galleries in the centre of the Netherlands, on the Notaris Fischerstraat in Ede. For four generations we have purchased and sold paintings of high and middle-high quality. Prices range from € 1,000 to € 500,000.

We have proceeded to acquire an excellent reputation in the area of 19th-century paintings, with special emphasis on Dutch Romanticism, the Hague School, Dutch Impressionists, Expressionists, Groninger Ploeg and CoBrA. In addition we have works by French, German, Belgian and English artists. You can also visit us for restoration, where we happily give free quotations and advice.

Step into the world of Simonis & Buunk. Discover the collection of over 3,000 paintings, watercolours and sculptures, available to view in our exhibition in Ede. Everything is even more beautiful in real life.

welcome to our galleries

The extensive Simonis & Buunk collection of paintings and sculptures is presented in three buildings on the Notaris Fischerstraat in Ede. Each of these three exhibition spaces is decorated to suit the works of art on display. The interior design is a ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ in which everything goes together: the colour scheme, furniture, lamps, rugs and even the tableware. The three galleries are so different from one another it gives visitors the sense of entering a different world, enhancing their experience of the works of art. In addition to these ‘Three Worlds’, there is a fourth exhibition space: the sculpture garden behind the Fischer House.

Salons of the 19th Century

19e Eeuw, Notaris Fischerstraat 30

Gallery of the 20th Century

20e Eeuw, Notaris Fischerstraat 19

The Fischer House

Notaris Fischer huis, Notaris Fischerstraat 27


Paintings are made of natural materials. Light, moisture, dirt and heat can cause these to age. Damage and unskillful restorations can also affect the original state. Whatever the cause, in many cases it is valuable to have your artwork restored. Go ahead and request a free restoration quotation and recommendation from Simonis & Buunk’s restoration studio.

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In 1984, Frank Buunk became a certified fine art valuer specialising in 17th-20th century paintings. He was 27 at the time, making him the youngest art expert in the Netherlands. He is internationally certified by Hobéon SKO. 

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open all year round

Tuesday to Saturday from 11-17 hours and by appointment