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Good quality paintings and watercolours by reputable artists from the period 1770-1970. In particular: Romanticism, Hague School, Laren School, Amsterdam School, Impressionism, Pointillism, Bergen School, Groninger Ploeg, CoBrA, other Modern Classicisists and Post-War Abstractionists. See trends and artists for examples.


Simonis & Buunk’s collection must meet stringent quality requirements and is compiled with the utmost care. Perhaps your artwork does not suit our collection, but you are interested in selling it. We can help you sell it. Relying on our international network and market insight, Simonis & Buunk can broker a sale with private collectors or other parties, depending on the most suitable market for your artwork.


Offers for sales and brokerage alike are conducted initially on the basis of photos. We look forward to receiving your offer and asking price via the form. Please take sharp photos using natural light of the front and back, the signature and distinctive details.

Asking price

As in every market, an offer is not an offer without an asking price. In most cases no bid will be made on an offer without a price.