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Alexei Alexeievich Harlamoffartist • painter • watercolourist • draughtsmanSaratov (Rusland) 1840-1925 Parijs

biography of Alexei Alexeievich Harlamoff

The Russian painter Alexei Harlamoff (or Charlamov) took lessons at the art academy in Saint Petersburg at a young age, where he stood out for his talent. In 1869 he received a scholarship, travelled through Europe and then continued his studies in Paris. There he worked at the studio of Léon Bonnat. Harlamoff developed into a leading portrait painter with clients such as Ivan Tourgenev and Tsar Alexander II. He is best known for his portraits of young women and girls. His daughter was regularly a model in Italian or Bohemian costume. Harlamoff's style is unmistakably Russian but is enlivened by the cosmopolitan influence of Paris and his teacher Bonnat. Work by the artist can be found in the Tretyakov Museum in Moscow.

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