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Augustine Vervloetartist • painterBrussel 1806-na 1890 Mechelen (België)

biography of Augustine Vervloet

Featuring mixed flowers and game, the showpiece still lifes by Augustine Croquet, a female painter from Brussels, were shown in exhibitions in Brussels and Mechelen as early as 1827. This was remarkable in a time in which female painters seldom showed their work in public. Croquet married Jan Vervloet, the genre and portrait artist and director of the Mechelse Academie, sometime around 1825. After she married, she signed her work ‘A. Vervloet’.

previously for salepaintings by Vervloet A.

Augustine Vervloet | Flowers in a vase with insect and a bird's nest, oil on canvas, 80.4 x 64.4 cm, signed l.r. and dated 1888

Augustine Vervloet

painting • previously for sale

Flowers in a vase with insect and a bird's nest

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