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Chris van Geestartist • painterVlaardingen 1942

biography of Chris van Geest

Chris van Geest is one of the Magical Realists who gathered around the Amsterdam Gallery Mokum since the 1960s. These painters depict a reality that is apparently accurate and realistic, but at the same time contains elements that make the representation impossible or at least absurd and improbable. In doing so, they comment on society or reflect what moves them, often with humor. Chris van Geest strips the objects in his paintings of their natural meaning and gives them a different one. The painter expresses feelings with these manipulated images. He applies the paint as smoothly and evenly as possible; the visibility of the brush stroke is avoided as much as possible.

for salepaintings by Geest C. van

Chris van Geest | The play, oil on canvas, 40.3 x 50.1 cm, signed l.c. and dated 1987

Chris van Geest

painting • for sale

The play, 1987

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