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Ida Kupelwieserartist • painterWenen 1870-1927 Pyhra (Oostenrijk)

biography of Ida Kupelwieser

Ida Kupelwieser was the daughter of a Viennese industrialist and grew up in wealth. Because she was very musical, she was taught by George Henschel in London. In the end, she chose to become an artist. From 1904 she received private lessons at home from Maximilian Lenz (1860-1948), a prominent Viennese artist and friend of Gustav Klimt. Under his leadership she develops into a painter of landscapes, genre scenes, interiors and still lifes. In 1926 she married her teacher but already in 1927 she died. Because it was virtually impossible for a woman in Austria to develop as an independent artist until well into the 20th century, she never really made a name for herself.

for salepaintings by Kupelwieser I.

Ida Kupelwieser | In front of the mirror, oil on canvas, 110.5 x 80.3 cm, painted ca. 1910

Ida Kupelwieser

painting • for sale

In front of the mirror, ca. 1910

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