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Jacob Andries Bescheyartist • painterAntwerpen (België) 1710-1786

biography of Jacob Andries Beschey

Beschey grew up in an artistic Flemish family and, like his four brothers, would devote himself to painting. It is not known who he was apprenticed to, but Beschey painted in a classical style and was affiliated with the Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp. He was inspired by the great Flemish master Peter Paul Rubens and is known for his history paintings, in which he also depicts Biblical or mythological subjects. He also painted portraits and landscapes. His sense of drama is particularly striking in his work. The great contrast between light and dark, use of bright colors, elegant draperies and arm gestures characterize his performances.

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Jacob Andries Beschey | Baptism of Christ in the Jordan, oil on panel, 24.3 x 31.9 cm

Jacob Andries Beschey

painting • for sale

Baptism of Christ in the Jordan

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