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Karl Heynen-Dumontartist • sculptorKeulen (Duitland) 1883-1955 Berlijn (Duitsland)

biography of Karl Heynen-Dumont

The well-known animal sculptor Karl Heynen-Dumont received his training at the Munich academy and then at the Berlin academy. There he was taught by August Gaul, who had a great influence on his artistic development. Gaul was interested in the anatomy and natural behavior of animals from an early age and regularly visited the Berlin zoo to observe and sketch the animals. Another teacher from Heynen-Dumont was the sculptor Louis Tuaillon, who made monumental statues of horses and figures in classical poses.

for salesculptures by Heynen-Dumont K.

Karl Heynen-Dumont | Walking elephant, bronze and ivory, 44.0 x 48.0 cm, signed on the base

Karl Heynen-Dumont

statue • sculptuur • for sale

Walking elephant

Karl Heynen-Dumont | Two ducks, bronze, 4.0 x 13.5 cm, signed on the front duck's belly

Karl Heynen-Dumont

statue • sculptuur • for sale

Two ducks

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