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Philip Akkermanartist • painter • watercolourist • draughtsmanVaassen 1957

biography of Philip Maria Akkerman

Since 1981, Philip Akkerman has been painting and drawing portraits of himself. Under the motto 'a self-portrait a day', or more or less, he has portrayed himself countless times. There are now thousands of them. Within this theme he experiments with styles, technique, expressions and colour. Virtually all portraits show only the painter's head with a serious expression, usually seen obliquely from the front. They record the passage of time. Some of his self-portraits go back to portraits by old masters.

for salewatercolours and drawings by Philip Akkerman

Philip Akkerman | Self portrait, pencil and watercolour on paper, 37.8 x 32.0 cm, signed on the reverse and dated on the reverse 2001

Philip Akkerman

watercolour • drawing • for sale

Self portrait, 2001

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