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Pit van Looartist • painterWinsum 1905-1991 Haren

biography of Pieter 'Pit' van Loo

Pit van Loo only became a painter at an older age. He studied architecture in Delft and settled in Groningen in 1931. There he got to know the painters of the Groninger Ploeg. Jan Wiegers in particular taught him how to look and gave him advice. After the war, Van Loo started an architectural firm and became an alderman in Groningen. Drawing and painting remained a hobby. In 1970 he decided to devote himself entirely to painting and from 1972 onwards he mainly painted photo-realistic landscapes, often with themes: the farmer's ditch, the dune, the mudflats. He usually took a photo beforehand that he used as an aid, but his work is by no means a copy of that photo, although the white border around his later paintings suggests this. The photo is a reminder: what was it like there, what impressed him? In order to reflect his own subjective experience of the landscape. He is often concerned with the vastness of the landscape, the pure space, the infinity.

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Pit van Loo | Still life in the dunes (Terschelling), oil on canvas, 80.1 x 80.4 cm, signed l.r. on paper in the beach grass and dated '75

Pit van Loo

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Still life in the dunes (Terschelling)

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