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Raoul Lejeuneartist • painterBrussel 1903-1987 Vorst (België)

biography of Raoul Lejeune

Not much is known about the Belgian painter Raoul Le Jeune. However, he has been diverse in his subjects and style. He painted colourful flower still lifes in fiery tones. His portraits of women are often powerful and fauvistic in colour, sometimes they are significant in omitting superfluous lines or we see the influence of the French cubists from the avant-garde of the 1920s. He painted beach and landscapes with a different, softer and impressionistic palette, in the colours as he perceived them. He also made clever studies and watercolours of female nudes, who display a great talent for drawing.

previously for salepaintings by Raoul Lejeune

Raoul Lejeune | Sunbathing nude, oil on canvas laid down on panel, 50.5 x 34.2 cm, signed l.l. and dated 1934

Raoul Lejeune

painting • previously for sale

Sunbathing nude

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