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Karel Gomes artwork • statue • sculpture • previously for sale Man holding a woman in his arms

Gomes K.A.M.  | 'Karel' Andreas Maria Gomes, Man holding a woman in his arms, bronze 46.0 x 22.0 cm

Karel Gomes

Man holding a woman in his arms
bronze 46.0 x 22.0 cm

This sculpture was previously for sale.

Karel Gomes - medalist, sculptor and painter - initially trained as a viola player, but later decided to become a visual artist and went to the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. He was also taught by Cor Hund, Hubert van Lith and Piet Esser. Man is his main theme: he worked on subjects as diverse as dancers, nudes, the liberation, the Gandhi monument in Amsterdam, the Jewish refugee, the Stations of the Cross, the commedia dell'arte. Gomes works figuratively and creates powerful, expressive images with a lot of expressiveness. Work by Gomes can be found in the Rijksmuseum and Historisch Museum in Amsterdam and the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

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