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Licence all rights reserved

We reserve all rights for paintings with this license below the image. You cannot disclose or use this image and/or text without written permission.

Source reference

This applies to all non-Dutch publications. For Dutch publication, please visit this page. When publishing online, make the image or caption clickable with a link to the detail page of the artwork on the website of Simonis & Buunk. For both online and printed media, state the following information clearly visible near the image.
If the artwork is for sale:

© collection Simonis & Buunk Fine Paintings, Ede, The Netherlands, [name artist], [title], [optional:date], [optional:technique] [optional:measurements]

If the artwork comes from our archive:

© provenance: Simonis & Buunk Fine Paintings, Ede, The Netherlands [name artist], [title], [optional:date], [optional:technique] [optional:measurements]

You may change the name of the painter and possibly. birth and death year according to your wishes, how it fits into your format. You may also abbreviate ‘collection’ to ‘coll.’ and change commas to other punctuation marks, depending on your house style. You must request written permission for any other mention. Please mention this when requesting the photo.

Quality photographs

Many paintings have an excellent photo in print quality and are professionally lithographed so that the colors in the file resemble reality as close as possible. Our high resolution photos are not made lighter or brighter or otherwise embellished to look more beautiful than the works are in real life. Bear in mind that most computer screens are not calibrated to match the colours as they appear in the file. N.B.: although we are busy with this, not all paintings in our stock and archive are provided with a good quality photo. If you see a photo in our stock of which you want to see it accelerated in good quality, please request this via, then we will give it priority.

Request high resolution image

You can request permission for use of our photos with this license. We usually cooperate with publications, both printed and online. If we do not yet have a high-quality photo, it can often still be made if it is still in our collection.