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Prinses Beatrix van Oranje Nassau artwork • watercolour • drawing • previously for sale Five girls

Oranje-Nassau (Prinses Beatrix) B.W.A. van | Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard van Oranje-Nassau (Prinses Beatrix), Five girls, pencil and black ink on paper 6.0 x 14.0 cm, executed August 1960

Prinses Beatrix van Oranje Nassau

Five girls
pencil and black ink on paper 6.0 x 14.0 cm, executed August 1960

This work on paper was previously for sale.

Provenance: coll. Ouborg Group, Breda, OG 10/49.

Since her childhood, Princess Beatrix has had a great interest in visual arts, ballet, music and literature. She later shared that interest with Prince Claus, with whom she organized cultural evenings at Drakensteyn Castle from the start of their wedding and where artists such as Jan Dibbets, Peter Struycken and Herman Gordijn gave 'acte de presence'. Her artistry was revealed in her childhood: she paints fantasy worlds with watercolor paint and draws cartoons with East Indian ink, pencil and chalk. Remarkably often princesses figure in her performances - she may have been well aware of the task that awaited her. Even today, Beatrix is still busy with art. In addition to the extensive, progressive art collection that she has built up, she can be found every Thursday in her studio in Huis ten Bosch for sculpting. Now that her son Willem-Alexander has succeeded her, she will undoubtedly make more time available for this.

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