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Armando artwork • painting • for sale Kopf


oil and bitumen on canvas 79.9 x 100.3 cm, signed on the stretcher and dated on the stretcher 21-10-89

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 13,500

Provenance: Galerie Nouvelles Images, Den Haag, 1990; part. coll. Nederland.

Armando: sculptor, violinist, theater and filmmaker, painter, writer, poet. Existential themes are addressed in his work: good and evil, transience, melancholy, war, suffering. The tragedy of man, in all its facets, is depicted by Armando. His experiences in the Second World War are the source for his work. As a child living near Kamp Amersfoort, he was immediately confronted with the horrors of the war. As a result, destruction and distortion as a visual principle play an essential role in his work. The paintings and sculptures are overwhelming because of their monumentality and dramatic appearance. Austerity in material, color and shape, and a rough, pasty texture give his artworks the visual power of an archetype.

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