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Bernardus Gerardus ten Berge artwork • painting • previously for sale Cattle in a summer landscape

Berge B.G. ten | Bernardus Gerardus ten Berge, Cattle in a summer landscape, oil on canvas 49.4 x 70.1 cm, signed l.r. (vague)

Bernardus Gerardus ten Berge

Cattle in a summer landscape
oil on canvas 49.4 x 70.1 cm, signed l.r. (vague)

This painting was previously for sale.

B.G. ten Berge was a painter of mainly landscapes (with or without cattle), stable interiors and animal pieces. Cityscapes, portraits and a few genre scenes are also known by his hand. For most of his life, Ten Berge lived and worked in his hometown Alkmaar, where he also received his education. Pieter Plas, fellow townsman, his brother-in-law and director of the local drawing company 'Kunst zij ons doel', was his teacher. From 1850 to 1872 he regularly exhibited his work at the annual Exhibition of Living Masters.

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