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Charles van Wijk artwork • statue • sculpture • previously for sale Babykopje met mutsje

Wijk C.H.M. van | 'Charles' Henri Marie van Wijk, Babykopje met mutsje, plaster 15.0 cm, gesigneerd niet

Charles van Wijk

Babykopje met mutsje
plaster 15.0 cm, gesigneerd niet

This sculpture was previously for sale.

Literature: Afgebeeld in boek van het Katwijks Museum bij onderstaande cat.
Exhibited: Katwijks Museum, zomer 1999, Katwijk aan Zee

The sculptor Charles van Wijk was familiar with the 'metier' of bronze foundry from an early age. He also completed the Hague Academy, a course that he completed with an apprenticeship in Paris and Brussels. After his return to the Netherlands (1897) he breaks with the traditions within his profession and opts for impressionism. He finds subjects in the Veluwe, where he models rural people and farmers from life. After that he focuses on fishermen's life in Katwijk. From 1903 he regularly stays there, as the only sculptor among the painters. It results in well-known images such as 'Old fisherman', 'The caller' and 'Krijntje'. In addition to small sculptures, Van Wijk also produced commissioned portraits and monumental sculptures.

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