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Cornelis Jan Mension artwork • painting • for sale Two pelicans

Cornelis Jan Mension

Two pelicans
oil on panel 36.5 x 27.2 cm, signed u.r.

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 4,200

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    Cornelis Jan Mension painted landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes. But he became best known with his paintings of small animals such as birds and mice, monkeys and larger wild animals. As a painter he was formed by the lessons of Franz Helfferich in The Hague; then he visited the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city. A free, smooth impressionism is the style that characterized him throughout his life. Mension was also an excellent etcher and lithographer.

    Cornelis Jan Mension | Ein Kitz, oil on board, 26.5 x 25.9 cm, signed l.r.

    Cornelis Jan Mension

    painting • for sale

    Ein Kitz

    Cornelis Jan Mension | Pink cockatoo, pastel on paper, 31.1 x 23.7 cm, signed l.l.

    Cornelis Jan Mension

    watercolour • drawing • for sale

    Pink cockatoo

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