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Derk Wiggers artwork • painting • previously for sale An orchard in spring

Wiggers D.  | Dirk 'Derk' Wiggers, An orchard in spring, oil on canvas 38.8 x 61.6 cm

Derk Wiggers

An orchard in spring
oil on canvas 38.8 x 61.6 cm

This painting was previously for sale.

Derk Wiggers was a notary's clerk before he chose to become an artist. In addition to an evening course at the Rotterdam academy, he then trained himself. Wiggers painted, watercoloured, drew and etched landscapes, especially panoramas of the major rivers, but also still lifes and farmyards. The artist lived and worked in the Gooi, on the Veluwe, in Berg en Dal near Nijmegen (1902-1917) and in The Hague. He also made foreign trips to Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. Wiggers was a member of Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam and Pulchri Studio in The Hague, and he regularly submitted his work to exhibitions from 1855 onwards.

Derk Wiggers | A view of Noorden, oil on canvas, 48.9 x 65.3 cm, signed l.r.

Derk Wiggers

painting • for sale

A view of Noorden

Derk Wiggers | Ameland, oil on canvas, 38.1 x 63.3 cm, signed l.r.

Derk Wiggers

painting • for sale


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