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Edzard Koning artwork • watercolour • drawing • for sale Peasant children under an umbrella

Edzard Koning

Peasant children under an umbrella
crayon and watercolour on paper 17.8 x 24.2 cm, signed l.l. with initials

This work on paper is for sale.

Price: € 1,350

Literature: vgl.: Elizabeth Yates, 'Konings Kunst van Parijs tot de Veluwe', Barneveld 2008, afb. pag. 118.

The impressionist Edzard Koning was born in 1869 in Winschoten. Like his brother, Arnold Koning, he started painting in the 1880s. He does not have the artistic streak of a stranger, his father and grandfather also painted, albeit in their spare time. In 1891 he made a study trip to Paris where he painted city scenes. After the study period he went back to The Hague and enjoyed going out into nature there. He mainly painted landscapes and cityscapes in a realistic style with a romantic slant. Edzard was a versatile artist: he worked with oil paint, watercolour and charcoal. Around 1900, Koning made his entrance into the graphic art world, producing lithographs for Frederik van Eeden's book 'De Kleine Johannes' and smooth watercolours for Verkade albums.

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