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'Emanuël' Samson van Beever artwork • painting • previously for sale The new baby

Beever E.S. van | 'Emanuël' Samson van Beever, The new baby, oil on panel 25.0 x 31.5 cm, signed l.l.

'Emanuël' Samson van Beever

The new baby
oil on panel 25.0 x 31.5 cm, signed l.l.

This painting was previously for sale.

Emanuel van Beever is counted among the Laren School. It is said that he had a difficult childhood, but found peace in drawing and quickly developed into a great talent. He studied at the Quellinusschool and then at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. After 1900 Van Beever settled in Blaricum, where he lived a withdrawn life. He mainly painted peasant interiors, genre scenes, still lifes and village scenes. As a perfectionist he sometimes worked for months on one painting. In particular, farmer interiors were highly sought after and were exported to England and Canada.

'Emanuël' Samson van Beever | Around the table, oil on canvas laid down on panel, 40.0 x 49.8 cm, signed l.l.

'Emanuël' Samson van Beever

painting • for sale

Around the table

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