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Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman artwork • prints & multiples • previously for saleThe Skipper

Werkman H.N.  | Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman, The Skipper, stencil, handroller, ink on paper 32.7 x 25.0 cm, painted 1935-1936

Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman

The Skipper
stencil, handroller, ink on paper 32.7 x 25.0 cm, painted 1935-1936

Provenance: mr. Bastiaan Kist, Amsterdam, daarna door vererving in bezit gekomen van de vorige eigenaar.
Literature: J. Martinet (red.), 'Hot Printing. Catalogue of the 'druksel' prints and interim catalogues of general printed matter, lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, typewriter compositions and paintings by Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman, Stichting H.N. Werkman/Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1963, pag. 25, 35/37-28, 'hot-printing' 6, afb. pag. 24; vergelijk Doeke Sijens, Han Steenbruggen, 'Ploeg Jaarboek 2004', Groningen 2005, afb. in kleur pag. 74, voor een ander exemplaar.

As an innovative typographer, the painter and printer Hendrik Werkman from Groningen occupies a special place in Dutch graphic art. He established his printing business in 1909 and came in contact with the artists from Groningen's De Ploeg collective in 1918 when he was asked to print the group's by-laws. He joined them in 1919, printed the first Ploeg catalogue and designed many other publications. His paintings differ from those of the other Ploeg members because he depicted nature based on his imagination as opposed to directly from reality. After 1923, he devoted himself to experimental typographic compositions on paper, which he called 'printed things' and which testify to tremendous originality in his use of traditional printing tools.

Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman | Conversation (1942), stencil, handroller, ink on paper, 31.6 x 21.9 cm

Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman

prints & multiples • for sale

Conversation (1942)

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