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Henri Lebasque artwork • watercolour • drawing • for sale Nu au Canapé (Nude on the sofa)

Henri Lebasque

Nu au Canapé (Nude on the sofa)
pencil and watercolour on paper 21.5 x 27.5 cm, signed l.r.

This work on paper is for sale.

price range: € 5,000 - € 10,000

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    #Henri Lebasque #watercolours and drawings
    Provenance: Kunsthandel Rococo, Gulpen.

    This watercolor drawing shows why Henri Lebasque was admired for his female nudes. The tranquility, languor, the warm southern light can be felt. The woman was carefully drawn in pencil and then he accentuated her shapes with watercolor paint in soft, bright colors. In doing so, the painter brings the viewer into an intimate world full of seduction. The work of the Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist Lebasque reflects the light, warmth and colors of the South of France. After training at the academy, he became a student in Paris of the figure and history painter Léon Bonnat. In the 1990s he met the neo-impressionists Pissarro, Signac and Seurat, who would have a great influence on his technique and use of color. In addition to Paris, he was regularly found on the Côte d'Azur during the summer months, together with Pierre Bonnard, among others. He likes it so much that in 1924 he settles in the village of Le Cannet. Lebasque, along with Henri Matisse, among others, was one of the founders in 1903 of the Paris Salon d'Automne, which was held annually at the Petit Palais.

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