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Jan Roëde artwork • watercolour • drawing • for sale Erotic sketches

Roëde J.  | Jan Roëde | Watercolours and drawings offered for sale | Erotic sketches, pen on paper 20.7 x 25.9 cm

Jan Roëde

Erotic sketches
pen on paper 20.7 x 25.9 cm

This work on paper is for sale.

Price: € 1,400

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    Jan Roëde was a contemporary of Piet Ouborg, Jaap Nanninga and Wim Sinemus, whom he met regularly in The Hague. He was influenced by Miró’s form of abstract Surrealism. His paintings, populated by figures and shapes, are the result of a search for a world of forms that arose from him personally. Abstract or figurative was all the same to him. In fact the process of painting was more important than the forms that came out of it.

    Jan Roëde | Grandfather and granddaughter, oil on canvas, 50.5 x 40.4 cm, signed l.r. and dated '43

    Jan Roëde

    painting • for sale

    Grandfather and granddaughter, 1943

    Jan Roëde | Inside and outside, oil on canvas, 44.7 x 60.1 cm, signed l.l.

    Jan Roëde

    painting • for sale

    Inside and outside

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