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Johannes Hendricus Jurres artwork • painting • previously for sale Samson en Delilah

Jurres J.H.  | Johannes Hendricus Jurres, Samson en Delilah, oil on canvas 75.3 x 100.2 cm, gesigneerd linksboven

Johannes Hendricus Jurres

Samson en Delilah
oil on canvas 75.3 x 100.2 cm, gesigneerd linksboven

This painting was previously for sale.

J.H. Jurres studied at the Rijksschool voor Kunstnijverheid and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. His teacher at the Rijksacademie was, among others, August Allebé. After his studies, Jurres traveled through Europe and visited Italy, Switzerland and Spain. At a young age he illustrated the Dutch translation of the book Don Quixote, later he returned to that subject. Jurres is known for the religious scenes and scenes from literature that he immortalized on canvas. He was particularly captivated by Don Quixote, the main character in Cervantes' books. His contemporaries highly valued his romantic work and his work was regularly exhibited. The warm color combinations and lively elaboration of the scenes are characteristic of the painter's work.

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