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Kurt Arentz artwork • statue • sculpture • previously for sale A resting young deer

Arentz K.E.H.  | 'Kurt' Emil Hugo Arentz, A resting young deer, bronze 33.0 cm, signed on the rim

Kurt Arentz

A resting young deer
bronze 33.0 cm, signed on the rim

This sculpture was previously for sale.

Kurt Arentz has been interested in art from a young age, but he initially starts working in the family business. From the 1960s onwards he experimented with painting and sculpture techniques and developed his style and oeuvre in silence for many years. A beloved subject are animals and the sculptures he makes testify to a feeling for the anatomy, vitality and character of the animal. He receives assignments and awards from various nature and animal organizations, including the WWF. With a portrait bust of the athlete Ulrike Meyfarth, the portrait becomes a central theme in Arentz's sculptural work. Prominents such as Peter Ustinov, Konrad Adenauer, Herbert von Karajan and Bill Clinton pose for him.

Kurt Arentz | Lucky pig, bronze, 9.0 x 15.0 cm, signed on the belly

Kurt Arentz

statue • sculptuur • for sale

Lucky pig

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