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Martinus Schouman artwork • painting • for sale Sailing vessels in choppy seas

Martinus Schouman

Sailing vessels in choppy seas
oil on canvas 72.0 x 98.5 cm, signed l.r. and painted ca. 1810-1820

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 42,000

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    Provenance: part. bezit Duitsland.
    Literature: vgl.:, Dordrecht, Dordrechts Museum, 'Tussen zonnegoud en kaarslicht', 1986, pag. 69, 65 ('Zeegezicht met zeilschepen').

    The Dordt marine painter Martinus Schouman was the son of a barge. After a number of lessons with Michiel Versteegh he went to study with his famous great-uncle Aart Schouman in The Hague. Then he established himself as a marine painter in Dordrecht. In this city, surrounded by water, he developed into a celebrated marine painter. He trained a number of pupils, including the gifted J.C. Schotel with which he painted some historical sea scenes. He also took an active part in the art and exhibition life of the city and was a member of the Dordrecht drawing society Pictura. After his son Izak had become a teacher at the K.M.A. (royal military academy) in Breda, he moved to this city in 1839. There he would actively paint for another nine years.

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