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Petrus Paulus Schiedges jr. artwork • painting • previously for sale Angler in a rowing-boat

Schiedges jr. P.P.  | Petrus Paulus Schiedges jr., Angler in a rowing-boat, oil on canvas 111.0 x 154.0 cm, signed l.l.

Petrus Paulus Schiedges jr.

Angler in a rowing-boat
oil on canvas 111.0 x 154.0 cm, signed l.l.

This painting was previously for sale.

Student of the Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague. Was an important figure of the Hague School in his time. Painted, drew and watercoloured landscapes including sheep, heathscapes, forests and waterscapes.

Petrus Paulus Schiedges jr. | Sheep herding, oil on canvas, 121.3 x 90.6 cm, signed l.r.

Petrus Paulus Schiedges jr.

painting • for sale

Sheep herding

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