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Pieter d'Hont artwork • statue • sculpture • for sale The Conversation

d'Hont P.H.  | 'Pieter' Hermanus d'Hont | Sculptures and objects offered for sale | The Conversation, bronze 55.0 x 36.0 cm, executed in 1960

Pieter d'Hont

The Conversation
bronze 55.0 x 36.0 cm, executed in 1960

This sculpture is for sale.

Price: € 6,900

The extensive oeuvre of sculptor Pieter d'Hont bears witness to a great versatility in subject, material and style. People and animals were his main source of inspiration and served as models for his sculptures in stone, bronze, ceramic, concrete or wood. He devoted himself to applied sculpture, made monumental wall reliefs, among other things, and also produced free-standing statues, small sculptures and medals. For example, he made the 'Edison', a statue belonging to the oldest music prize in the Netherlands. D'Hont received many commissions for sculptures in corporate and government buildings and made portraits of many famous Dutch people. He was the unofficial city sculptor of Utrecht and many works by this artist can be seen here.

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