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Theo van Rysselberghe artwork • painting • previously for sale Women bathing

Rysselberghe Th. van | Théodore 'Théo' van Rysselberghe, Women bathing, oil on canvas 63.0 x 119.5 cm, signed l.r. with monogram and painted circa 1926

Theo van Rysselberghe

Women bathing
oil on canvas 63.0 x 119.5 cm, signed l.r. with monogram and painted circa 1926

This painting was previously for sale.

Provenance: rechtstreeks van de schilder gekocht door de ouders van de vorige eigenaar.
Literature: vgl. Karel van de Woestijne, 'Théo van Rijsselberghe', 'Elsevier's Geïllustreerd Maandschrift XL (1910), afb. pag. 296; wordt opgenomen in de catalogue raisonné van het werk van de schilder in voorbereiding door Pascal de Sadeleer en Olivier Bertrand voor het Belgian Art Research Institute in Brussel.

The Belgian painter Theo van Rysselberghe is regarded as one of the major Neo-Impressionists in the wake of Seurat. During a trip to Paris in 1886 as a young painter, he first saw Georges Seurat’s ‘La Grande Jatte', the painting regarded as the seminal work of Neo-Impressionism. He was so impressed by this that from that moment he too began to construct paintings from numerous small coloured dots. This produced a dreamy, transparent atmosphere, which lent itself exceptionally well to the coastal views and landscapes he painted. Van Rysselberghe was one of the few artists to adopt this technique to portraits, usually of family members and people he knew. Between 1897 and 1926 he devoted himself to painting a series of landscapes with bathers.

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