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Wouter Verschuur jr. artwork • painting • previously for sale Cavalrymen in a snowy forest

Verschuur jr. W.  | Wouter Verschuur jr., Cavalrymen in a snowy forest, oil on canvas 41.5 x 58.3 cm, signed c.l.

Wouter Verschuur jr.

Cavalrymen in a snowy forest
oil on canvas 41.5 x 58.3 cm, signed c.l.

This painting was previously for sale.

Wouterus Jr. was the youngest son of Wouterus Verschuur Sr. and also a student of his father. In 1859 he was registered as a student at the Haarlem society 'Kunst Zij ons Doel'. Lived and worked in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Menton, Paris, Geneva and Lausanne. Verschuur painted and drew landscapes and stable interiors with horses. He developed his own style in this, which clearly differs from that of his father, who was a renowned horse painter.

Wouter Verschuur jr. | A Boxer, oil on canvas, 53.4 x 49.2 cm, signed l.r.

Wouter Verschuur jr.

painting • for sale

A Boxer

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