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Chris Lanooy artwork • painting • for sale Guinea-pigs

Lanooy C.J.  | Christiaan Johannes 'Chris' Lanooy | Paintings offered for sale | Guinea-pigs, oil on canvas laid down on board 22.0 x 29.5 cm

Chris Lanooy

oil on canvas laid down on board 22.0 x 29.5 cm

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 1,500

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    Provenance: coll. Chris Lanooy, daarna door vererving in bezit gekomen van A. Chambaret-van der Stap (1925-2014), levenspartner van Ruud Lanooy, zoon van de schilder.

    Chris Lanooy was a ceramist, glass artist and painter and an exponent of the fin-de-siècle Art Nouveau movement that sought a renewal of the visual and decorative arts. After completing his training at the art academy in The Hague, Lanooy specialised in painting still lifes, working at the potteries in Rozenburg and Gouda, amongst others. He also designed 'unica' (one-off) glass works at Leerdam and damask patterns for the Van Dissel and Visser mills. Sea creatures, plants and butterflies are dominant motifs in his paintings.

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