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Dolf Breetvelt artwork • watercolour • drawing • previously for sale Composition with red

Breetvelt A.  | Adolf 'Dolf' Breetvelt, Composition with red, gouache on paper 51.0 x 64.4 cm, signed l.r.

Dolf Breetvelt

Composition with red
gouache on paper 51.0 x 64.4 cm, signed l.r.

This work on paper was previously for sale.

Dolf Breetvelt was originally a painter, who discovered sculpture in later life. He was educated at the Hague Academy and left for Java in 1920 as a drawing teacher. Until his return in 1937, his style changed from realistic (New Objectivity) to surrealistic expressionism. In 1949 he joined the artists' group Vrij Beelden, which included Willy Boers, Eugène Brands and Piet Ouborg. In 1951 Breetvelt started making plastics. Initially made of wood and strongly inspired by the sculpture of natural peoples, then also from other materials such as iron and concrete.

Dolf Breetvelt | Abstract, oil on canvas, 50.3 x 60.3 cm, signed l.r. and on the stretcher and to be dated end 1940's

Dolf Breetvelt

painting • for sale


Dolf Breetvelt | Threeness, wood, 60.5 x 47.0 cm, signed on the back

Dolf Breetvelt

statue • sculptuur • for sale


Dolf Breetvelt | Without title, wood, 61.8 x 13.7 cm, dated ca. 1951-1952

Dolf Breetvelt

statue • sculptuur • for sale

Without title

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