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Frans van Severdonck artwork • painting • for sale Poultry and birds in an extensive landscape

Frans van Severdonck

Poultry and birds in an extensive landscape
oil on panel 17.8 x 26.0 cm, signed l.l. and painted 1886

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 3,900

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    Provenance: part. bezit Duitsland.

    The Belgian painter Frans van Severdonck lived and worked in Brussels and painted mainly genre pieces and landscapes with cows, sheep and poultry. He is, however, counted among the followers of the Belgian cattle painter Eugène Verboeckhoven, who came to live in Brussels in 1827 and achieved great successes at the Salon with his paintings with cattle. Throughout the 19th century, the painting of livestock was a very popular genre. In Belgium, among others Frans van Leemputten and Remy Maes were followers of Verboeckhoven, in the Netherlands Albertus Verhoesen.

    Frans van Severdonck | Landscape with sheep, oil on panel, 17.6 x 23.9 cm, signed l.l. and dated 1865

    Frans van Severdonck

    painting • for sale

    Landscape with sheep, 1865

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