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Georges Ebrin Adingra artwork • painting • for sale L'intuition Imaginative des Magiciens

Georges Ebrin Adingra

L'intuition Imaginative des Magiciens
oil and sand on canvas 72.9 x 50.3 cm, signed c.l.

This painting is for sale.

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    The African artist Georges Ebrin Adingra was born in 1933 in Adaou (Ivory Coast) as Ebrin Adingra, Prince of Kinjabo. He studies philosophy in Abidjan but in the early 1950s he eventually opted for what he loved to do from an early age: drawing and painting. He leaves for Marseille, where he studies at the Academy of Visual Arts and then settles in Paris. In his paintings, Adingra applies European Cubism to African themes. By mixing his oil paint with fine sandstone, he adds depth and texture, which is characteristic of his work. The painter has exhibited in New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and elsewhere. In 1990 a voluminous monograph about his life and work was published.

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