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Gerke Henkes artwork • painting • previously for sale The young nun

Gerke Henkes

The young nun
oil on canvas 26.4 x 20.7 cm, signed u.r.

This painting was previously for sale.

Gerke Henkes, known painter of figures, interiors and genre scenes, came from a family of distillers (Henkes jenever). He started his working life as a notary clerk. When he made sketches of almost all visitors that showed his keen observation skills, he was allowed to study at the academy in Antwerp. Then he visited Germany and Paris. In 1869 the painter settled in The Hague, where he was included in the circles around Pulchri. Henkes was an internationally known and appreciated artist in his day, who regularly exhibited his work in Munich, Paris and Berlin around 1900.

Gerke Henkes | Five o'clock tea, watercolour on paper, 50.0 x 57.5 cm, signed l.l.

Gerke Henkes

watercolour • drawing • for sale

Five o'clock tea

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