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Gerrit Woudt artwork • painting • for sale Still life with berries

Gerrit Woudt

Still life with berries
oil on canvas 65.2 x 55.4 cm, signed u.r. and dated 1956

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 2,500

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    Gerrit Woudt, born in Zaandijk, painted realistically with a romantic undertone. Since for a long time he could not decide between a career as a painter or a musician, he received no training at the academy; he decided to take lessons from several artists. Above all, his contacts with Cees Bolding were decisive for his work: both admired Jan Mankes. During the 1930s, Woudt also spent a lot of time with Wim Wouters, with whom he regularly worked with models. During these years he also began to be successful with his realistic portraits and still lifes.

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