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Hans Bayens artwork • statue • sculpture • for sale On to the sea

Bayens H.  | Hans Bayens | Sculptures and objects offered for sale | On to the sea, bronze 133.5 x 70.0 cm, conceived and cast in 1967

Hans Bayens

On to the sea
bronze 133.5 x 70.0 cm, conceived and cast in 1967

This sculpture is for sale.

Price: € 22,000

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    The painter-sculptor Hans Bayens is known to many, especially in Amsterdam where almost everyone knows about his Theo Thijssen at the beginning of the damped Lindengracht and his Titaantjes in the Oosterpark. Bayens is an impressionist, firmly rooted in the traditions of figurative sculpture taught to him at the Antwerp Academy. His apprentice Sam Printer once remarked how good and loving Bayens could look. 'You have to understand and understand form, light effect, movement and hot and cold (…). Hans Bayens has studied this very much and has come to great heights. 'Bayens also made a name for himself as a painter.

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