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Hans Hollenbach artwork • painting • for sale Untitled

Hans Hollenbach

oil on canvas 100.5 x 99.6 cm, signed on the stretcher

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 1,800

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    Hans Hollenbach, painter, wall painter, sculptor and assemblage artist, belonged to the group of Rotterdam artists who were inspired by American Pop Art in the 1960s. After the war, young artists in this devastated city were looking for new inspiration. Connection with pre-war art was unthinkable and the traditional education at the local art academy could no longer fascinate them. The dynamic and contemporary visual language of Pop Art was in line with their contradictory, anti-artistic and anti-intellectual world of experience. It was free, non-academic and reflective of the society around them. This group of Rotterdam Pop Art artists also included Woody van Amen, Toni Burgering, Mathieu Ficheroux, Wim Gijzen, Daan van Golden, Leendert Janzée, Jan van Munster, Gust Romijn, Hans Verwey and Jacob Zekveld. In addition to mostly large paintings, Hans Hollenbach also made spatial work in plastic and metal. Until 1970 he exhibited regularly in group exhibitions and carried out various commissions.

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