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Herman Krikhaar artwork • painting • for sale Untitled 1998

Herman Krikhaar

Untitled 1998
acrylic on corrugated cardboard 70.5 x 162.5 cm, signed l.r. with monogram and dated '97

Price: € 4,000

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    #Herman Krikhaar #Post-war Abstract painting #abstract 
    Literature: Helena Stork, Vincent Vlasbloem e.a., 'Herman Krikhaar - Works on paper (1992-2007)', Hoorn 2007, pag. 90-91 (met afb. in kleur, als 'Untitled 1998').

    Herman Krikhaar had an enormous urge to paint from an early age. In 1947 he attends the Kunstnijverheidsschool in Arnhem, but like so many painters of his generation, he experiences traditional art education as too oppressive. Adventurous years followed with many travels, during which he always found time to paint. In 1963 he also opened a high-profile gallery for modern art in Amsterdam, where he sold works by Karel Appel, among others. From 1974, Krikhaar spends the summer months in Salernes in the south of France, where he has more time to paint and further develop his own style. Especially after he closes the gallery in 1988. In his studio he experiments with all kinds of materials. For example, he paints on different types of background such as printed wallpaper, moving boxes and corrugated cardboard, he makes images and uses templates in his paintings. His work expresses a great love for colors and shapes, in which moving or dancing figures are an element that often returns.

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