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Hobbe Smith artwork • painting • for sale Playing the lute

Smith H.  | Hobbe Smith | Paintings offered for sale | Playing the lute, oil on canvas 105.7 x 60.5 cm

Hobbe Smith

Playing the lute
oil on canvas 105.7 x 60.5 cm

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 12,500

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    Exhibited: witmarsum,Doopsgezinde kerk, 'Hobbe Smith thuisgebracht', 15 sept.-7 okt. 2018.

    Hobbe Smith was an all-round impressionist who worked on a lithography in Amsterdam when his drawing talent was discovered. Thanks to a wealthy patron and a scolarship of Queen Wilhelmina he received an education at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and thereafter at the Tekenacademie in Antwerp, where he was taught by the painter Charles Verlat. Smith’s oeuvre is very diverse and he has shown to be adequate in painting landscapes, townscapes, ships, nudes and still lifes.

    Hobbe Smith | Mother and child, oil on panel, 46.3 x 36.6 cm

    Hobbe Smith

    painting • for sale

    Mother and child

    Hobbe Smith | Seated nude, oil on canvas laid down on panel, 50.0 x 35.5 cm

    Hobbe Smith

    painting • for sale

    Seated nude

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