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Jacob Bendien artwork • statue • sculpture • previously for sale Amorphous figure

Bendien J.  | Jacob Bendien, Amorphous figure, brass 37.4 x 14.5 cm, executed ca. 1933

Jacob Bendien

Amorphous figure
brass 37.4 x 14.5 cm, executed ca. 1933

This sculpture was previously for sale.

Provenance: part. bezit. Zwitserland.
Literature: vgl.: 'Jacob Bendien (1890-1933). Een herinneringsboek samengesteld door Paul Citroen', Rotterdam 1940, pag. 99, afb. 24 (van een andere plastiek); Leeuwarden, Fries Museum, 'Jacob Bendien (1890-1933)', 1985, pag. 83, afb. 95 (van een andere plastiek).

Jacob Bendien is one of the first Dutch painters to paint abstractly. He also made figurative depictions; he refused to distinguish between these two schools of thought. Unlike, for example, the artists of De Stijl, Bendien used deliberately sensitive lines in his abstract work. Together with John Rädecker and several other artists, he proclaimed 'Absolute painting' in 1913. This stood for the creation of non-figurative, almost organic compositions with wavy surfaces in uniform colors, sharply separated from each other. These paintings represent 'inner things': they are inner life expressed in line and colour. Only a few sculptures are known of the artist. They are amorphous shapes that seem to be a 3-dimensional translation of his painted compositions.

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