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Johan Georg Gerstenhauer Zimmerman artwork • painting • for sale Fishing

Johan Georg Gerstenhauer Zimmerman

oil on panel 22.9 x 32.0 cm, signed l.r.

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 2,250

A humorous performance of two fishermen looking at something completely unexpected in the water. You can imagine all kinds of things, and because the cause of their bewilderment is out of sight, your imagination is put to work. The painter, Johan Georg Gerstenhauer, was originally a skilled draftsman and painter of portraits and anecdotal city, beach and genre scenes. Often something happens in those paintings: there is musing on the waterfront, a chat or courtship. That was probably the reason that shortly after 1900 he was asked to paint scenes that could be used for picture postcards, for which a whole new market had emerged. For this he painted portraits of Dutch girls in traditional costume, ice fun, glimpses of Volendam, Spakenburg, Scheveningen and Katwijk, the successful rescue of a farmer's wife skated into a hole - with the subtitle 'Help, Help!' - and a number of humorous depictions of sport fishermen. and their hilarious catch. He also designed advertising postcards for the company Philips and coffee roaster and tea trader Erve J. van den Bergh from The Hague. Johan Gerstenhauer was born on May 5, 1858 in Amsterdam, lived in Rotterdam until 1900, from 1900-1903 in The Hague and then in Utrecht

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