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John Rädecker artwork • statue • sculpture • previously for sale Hertje

Rädecker J.A.  | Johannes Anton 'John' Rädecker, Hertje, bronze 19.0 cm, gesigneerd met mon. op basis

John Rädecker

bronze 19.0 cm, gesigneerd met mon. op basis

This sculpture was previously for sale.

Before sculptor-painter John Rädecker became known as the creator of the Monument on Dam Square in Amsterdam (1956), he was already one of the most famous Dutch sculptors. He was also a gifted draftsman, illustrator and painter. In Rädecker's oeuvre, the emphasis is on the sensitivity and sensuality of form and on a representation of reality that appears to have a mystical symbolic and sometimes religious source.

John Rädecker | Still life with ranunculuses, oil on panel, 19.3 x 29.6 cm, signed l.r. with initials and painted ca. 1912

John Rädecker

painting • for sale

Still life with ranunculuses

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