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Joost Baljeu artwork • prints & multiples • previously for sale W 5'58

Baljeu J.  | Joost Baljeu, W 5'58, screenprint on paper 50.0 x 149.5 cm, signed l.r. (in pencil) and dated '89 (in pencil)

Joost Baljeu

W 5'58
screenprint on paper 50.0 x 149.5 cm, signed l.r. (in pencil) and dated '89 (in pencil)

Provenance: Bedrijfscollectie Nuon, Amsterdam, 000620.

The work of the neo-constructivist Joost Baljeu is based on a complex theory of form. Based on the depiction of universal laws along the lines of constructivism and De Stijl, this often led to 3-dimensional constructions and reliefs. In 1958 he started the internationally oriented magazine 'Structure' (1958-1964), to which, in addition to himself, artists such as Carel Visser and Ad Dekkers also contributed. In 1962, the traveling exhibition 'Experiment and Construction' in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam showed work by 8 artists from different countries, all of whom worked in a neo-constructivist direction. Their abstract-geometric paintings, sculptures and models are closely related. Joost Baljeu was co-organizer and published in the catalog the text 'The new visual expression', which testifies to their conception of reality: nature as visible reality is no longer the starting point for this new art, but the representation of universal laws and immaterial form principles. that underlie the cosmos. The new visual expression does not represent reality but translates it. She does not create shapes but plastic proportions. Based on his ideal of integrating architecture and visual art, Baljeu also often collaborated with the architect Dick van Woerkom.

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