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Mari Andriessen artwork • statue • sculpture • for sale A flute player

Andriessen M.S.  | Marie Silvester 'Mari' Andriessen | Sculptures and objects offered for sale | A flute player, bronze 16.5 x 6.4 cm, signed on the base

Mari Andriessen

A flute player
bronze 16.5 x 6.4 cm, signed on the base

This sculpture is for sale.

Price: € 3,800

Provenance: rechtstreeks van de kunstenaar verworven door de voorlaatste eigenaar, daarna door vererving in bezit gekomen van de vorige eigenaar.

Mari Andriessen is one of the most important Dutch sculptors of the 20th century. His sculpture is characterized by great expressiveness and sensitivity towards the subject, through which movement and emotion are conveyed to the viewer. It is not without reason that Andriessen made our most important post-war monumental sculpture groups: The docker in Amsterdam, the war memorial in Enschede and the Monument for the fallen Rotterdammers in Rotterdam. He also made portrait sculptures of famous composers, musicians and poets.

Mari Andriessen | Woman, nude, bronze, 88.0 x 26.0 cm, signed on the base with monogram

Mari Andriessen

statue • sculptuur • for sale

Woman, nude

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