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Peter Colfs artwork • painting • for sale At the beach

Colfs P.  | Peter Colfs | Paintings offered for sale | At the beach, oil on canvas 67.2 x 110.0 cm, signed u.l.

Peter Colfs

At the beach
oil on canvas 67.2 x 110.0 cm, signed u.l.

This painting is for sale.

Price: € 6,500

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    Exhibited: Dit schilderij is als reproductie afgebeeld op een billboard langs een kunstroute op Vlieland, in het kader van het 50-jarig jubileum ‘Water verft’ van Museum Tromps’ Huys op Vlieland, 23 april t/m 20 nov. 2010.

    The Antwerp artist Peter Colfs painted portraits, allegorical and other figures, landscapes, village scenes, cityscapes, beach scenes, and flowers and still lifes in a neo-expressionist style. He also produced many murals and designed carpets and garnered considerable attention by winning a contest for a tapestry that the Belgian government presented to the United Nations in 1959. His work for various world's fairs established his name amongst a wide audience, too. He won numerous awards, including the Prix de Rome (1933). From 1936 onward he was an instructor at the Hoger Instituut in Antwerp, where he had spent his formative years as a rising artist.

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